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MacJLib Logo Index What is MacJLib?
MacJLib is a C++ library developed using Metrowerks CodeWarrior. The library is designed to provide an abstraction layer between the Jaber server and the Jabber client. It manages the XML stream to and from the server for the client.

How do I use it?
Get the source from CVS (a Mac client can be found at MacCVS) and build the project. The library is designed such that you create a subclass of it's core component (currently the class Core). There is no pre-created networking class avaliable but a sample (ie not final quality) OpenTransport class is available here.

Note: The project file included is a CW5 project file as well as a XML version of the project file. Also, note that as of 4/9/2000 the example OpenTransport class is included in the CVS repository.
Class Structure
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Daily tar-ball
To get the daily tar-ball click the below link.
CVS Access

CVS is no longer hosted by Jon (thanks though!). To get the source from CVS, use the information below (or if you don't believe me go to http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=2438).

Address: cvs.macjlib.sourceforge.net
CVS Root: /cvsroot/MacJLib
Default Module: MacJLib

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MacJLib is distributed under the LGPL